‘Me’ Hair Clip – Large



This Is ‘Me’ Hair Clip – Large.

An empowering declaration of self love.
A reaffirmation, a statement of empowerment
“This is ‘Me’ – I am ‘Me’”
A conscious decision by the wearer to be oneself.

This is ‘Me’ collection. Continuing the story from our bespoke conversational headpieces this range of ready to wear hair accessory pieces continues the conversation to a wider audience.

This Is ‘Me’ single hair clip is currently available in two sizes. The Large shown here and the ‘Me’ Hair Clip – Mini. The clips come in nine different colours, created in 3D printed polished Nylon. The material is light, strong and durable with a slight flex. The clip closure is a solid brass fitting.

More images coming soon. Please see ‘Me’ Rings – Original for colour samples.

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Dimensions 5.1 × 2.6 × 0.8 cm

Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Black, White


This is ‘Me’ Collection

Fun yet empowering, the ‘Me’ collection takes inspiration from story telling, finding and believing in yourself.
Freedom Expression Confidence

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