Kiss Hair Comb




Classic handmade ‘Kiss’ hair comb

Let me hold your hair back with a ‘Kiss’

Our bespoke headpieces are where the story begins. We feel a head adornment is a finishing touch to an outfit, a way of expressing oneself. Our This is ‘Me’ collection was inspired by our hand made headpieces. Creating our Wearable Reminders.

We are excited to share some of our classic headpieces that we call our Conversational Adornments.

This Is our ‘Kiss’ hair comb

  •  One size
  • Handmade
  • Made from a natural fabric called sinamay, layered over cotton covered millinery wire
  • Comfortable, strong, adjustable
  • Finished with our signature brass tag

This piece is hand made by Zoe herself in her South London studio and comes wrapped in tissue.

Please note due to the natural material and handmade nature of our headpieces each piece is completely unique. Varying slightly in colour and markings within each piece. We feel this adds to the narrative of the piece and is part of the beauty.

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Pink, Gold, Cream, White, Navy