‘Golden Curl’ Zoe Sherwood : G.H.Bass & Co


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‘Golden curl’ is the ninth of ten one of a kind pairs of shoes hand created by Zoe in collaboration with G.H.Bass & Co.

Birds & Words collection, incorporating Zoe’s signature materials of feathers and carefully chosen words. The shoes evoke thoughts of freedom and self expression.

This is a one of kind pair of women’s shoe size UK 3 (EU 36, US 5)
You will receive a custom box, 6×4 printed image of your chosen shoes and limited addition tote bag

Birds & Words collection

Zoe has incorporated her signature Birds & Words creations into 10 one of a kind pairs of shoes.

A golden thread runs through the luxurious, playful mix of the collection.

The sensual nature of these shoes were produced by Zoe’s hand, heart and mind in London. Carefully deconstructed and passionately reconstructed the shoes reference worldwide cultures and traditions of decorating the body with nature. Holding onto and sharing memories. Creating patterns that attract the eye.

The feathers are sustainably sourced from birds found in England. Words hand embroidered into the shoes, evoke memories and thoughts of self empowerment and unity.

Zoe teamed up with photographer Owen Harvey to capture the Birds & Words collection.

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