Flower Hoops




Flower Hoops
Hoop earrings

Designed to start a conversation and help ‘Save’ our ‘Earth’.

Continuing the story from our This is ‘Me’ collection. The ‘Save’ ‘Earth’ collection is our first collection made from Marine Filament, which is 3D printable filament made from 100% recycled marine plastics such as fishing nets. Sourced from the Cornish coasts we work directly with the supplier, each design is 3D printed locally, then hand finishing in Zoe’s South London studio.

Marine Filament helps to clear up our oceans and is endlessly recyclable, helping to create a circular economy, you can read more about the story behind the collection here

We have combined this new material with our Symbols range. Symbols are recognisable all over the world, the heart being most recognised for love. I would like this collection to remind the wearer of love for oneself, with our single hearts, wear them stacked or our pairs and linked pieces to show and inspire all other types of love, connection and unity.

This is our NEW Flower hoop earrings creating in a Marine Filament.
Available in two sizes

  • Mini 2.5cm diameter hoops, Small 3cm diameter hoops Medium 5cm diameter hoops 
  • Made in Cornwall, hand finished in London
  • 3D printed in Marine Nylon Filament which is 100% recycled fishing net
  • Light weight, strong and durable
  • Finished with recycled sterling silver ear posts and scrolls

This piece comes packaged in our signature box.
Sold in pairs.
Select your chosen size above.

Please note due to the circular nature of the Marine Filament and our small batch production means that each piece is completely unique, they will variety slightly in colour and markings within each piece. We feel this adds to the narrative of the piece and is part of the beauty.

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Marine Green


Mini, Small, Medium

This is the ‘Save’ ‘Earth’ collection

Is a reaction to the changing world.

Made from 3D printed Marine Filament which is 100% recycled fishing nets, sourced from around the UK coast lines. The material is the first fully recycled nylon filament that is completely circular, meaning a Closed Loop Product and Production (endlessly recyclable). Each piece is 3D printed using recycled ethically sourced discarded and reclaimed (including ‘ghost nets’) fishing net found in and around Cornwall.
This is then made into a 3D printing Marine filament called ‘Porthcurno’ which is the highest quality blend of marine nylon filament produced by the innovative producers Fishy Filament, based in Penzance, Cornwall UK. Each of Zoe’s designs are printed locally. All pieces are then sent to Zoe’s South London based studio where they are hand finished and complete with recycled sterling silver.

Zoe is proud to be able to use Marine Filament, recycling a potential harmful waste product into beautiful statement conversational accessories that are completely made in England, designed to start a conversation and help ‘Save’ our ‘Earth’.

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