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  • ‘Love’ Ring – Original


    This is ‘Love’ Collection

    Spreading ‘Love’ around the world.


    *We create our collections in small batches, in London. This helps us to be as sustainable as possible.
    If you don’t see the style, size and colour you would like from the drop down menu please email and we will do our best to assist you.

  • ‘WOW’ Ring – Original


    This is the ‘WOW’ collection

    The definitions of the word: (from the Oxford English Dictionary)
    A way of expressing astonishment or admiration.
    A sensational success.
    Impress and excite (someone) greatly.

    The meaning behind The WOW Foundation:
    ‘The WOW Foundation exists to build, convene and sustain a global movement that believes a gender equal world is desirable, possible and urgently required.’

    I have combined the meaning of the word ‘WOW’ mixed with the empowering narrative of The WOW foundation, to create a an impactful collection of timeless conversational contemporary jewellery pieces in my signature front.

    This collection helps to support the vital work of The WOW Foundation. 

    The WOW Foundation is a registered charity, number 1189880