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It's all about


Kiss me now

To the rhythm I love

Bow in my hair

Endless blue above

A conversational head ornament collection

With special thanks to Barry Kamen

Conversational head ornaments hand made to order by Zoe Sherwood

Photographed by Jon Mortimer

Modelled by Emma Sylester

Make Up by Emily Budden


It's all about me

By that I mean you

By that I mean us

Not one but two

Feathers that curl

A face on a hat

Golden threads twirl

Teases the firecat

His trumpet sound

Spins me round

Dots in my eyes

Her gleaming crown

Images from left to right: 'Me' Boater - Golden 'Me' with feather - Lots of 'Love' - Many 'Me' - Face Hat with a curl - 'Love LOVE love' with veil - 'Me me me me' with a veil - 'Love' flat band - Flat bow band - 'Kiss' 'me' slides - High 'Love' band - High bow band - High crown band