Birds fly around, fall in love and have fun.


Inspires playful thoughts of love, intimacy, freedom and passion.

Sculptural birds fly about the collection creating shapes and shadows, evoking the beauty and grace of Art Nouveau.


Great Love. The Chase. The Freedom.

Portrayed within each sculptural creations. Bold shades of blue, palest pinks, whipped up with the creamy mix of a summer evening sky. Embracing you on your summer of adventures.


Solid brass bird feet hooks keep the fluttering creations still for you to cast your eye over them.



Launched at London Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2015.

These bespoke timeless pieces are made to order please contact us for more details.

Modelled, created and art directed by Zoe Sherwood

Photographed by Jon Mortimer

How High Can We Fly


Sculptural head ornaments