Inspired by nature, Zoe's fascination with birds is revealed, from the use of feathers inspiring the idea of flight and the words mimicking the songs they sing.

Their songs conjure up conversations that they could be having with each other, of natural warm feelings of love being expressed. These words and sentences are literally written through the head ornaments, which are then mixed with feathers to create her signature sculptural pieces.

Designed and handmade in London by Zoe Sherwood.



Its' all about me

By that I mean you

By that I mean us

Not one but two

A film by Jon Mortimer for Zoe Sherwood.


Shot and edited

by Jon Morimer


'It's all about' Poetry head ornament


Art Directed

by Zoe Sherwood


Spoken word

by Ben Maier

It's All About

Poetry head ornament

As Unique As You Are Conversational Head Ornament Collection

Images form left to right: 'You to me are as sweet as roses' mint green and pink - 'Me me me me' with feather flower - 'Peace' - 'Me me me me' with veil bow - Feather flowers - high 'Love' band  

'Come fly with me' - 'Love' with veil - 'me' with veil bow - 'kiss' comb - 'The skies the limit' - 'Its all about me ,by that I mean you, by that i mean us, not one but two' Poetry head ornament.

All conversational head ornaments are made to order by Zoe Sherwood